More important than total dollars collected is the security of personal information.

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In today’s advanced society it is more important than ever to protect personal information and comply with state and federal regulations regarding privacy as well as follow the heightened standards of third party debt collectors. Adhering to HIPAA, GLBA, CPI, FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA, CFPB, and other compliance standards is a top priority of ours. Velo Law is strides ahead of the industry through written policies, implementation, and enforcement of procedures while protecting personal information and our clients’ liability.

Ensuring compliance is an on-going and daily mission of Velo Law. As a collection agency, we believe that protecting our clients by maintaining compliance in a heavily regulated industry is crucial to the success of our office and the collection of accounts.

As the collection industry faces more scrutiny, litigation, and regulation than ever before, Velo Law ensures that each account representative is knowledgeable of the laws that govern the collections industry.