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The first step in collections and revenue recovery is Velo Law.

A Collection Agency and
Law Firm In One

Velo Law, with over 30 years of debt collection and legal expertise, offers a proven record of collecting millions of dollars for clients throughout the country. Our foundation is a step-by-step process, each building upon the other based on leading technology, collections techniques and compliance, and enforcement resulting in optimal revenue recovery.

At the heart of Velo Law operations is a dedicated and passionate staff who work diligently on your behalf to recover the money owed. The job of recovering debt is challenging and difficult. Despite these obstacles, Velo Law continues to work with unwavering jurisprudence, integrity, and respect – yielding successful outcomes to those we serve.

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Our Mission

To be the enforcement arm for collectors when ordinary requests for payment are ignored or rejected. To use the judicial system to augment and enhance our clients’ efforts, and to otherwise provide excellent debt collection services to our clients.

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Collection Services

  • Pre-Collection / Early-Out
  • Standard/General Collections
  • Legal / Judicial Collections
  • Skip Tracing
  • Creditor Bankruptcy
  • Replevin/Claim & Delivery
  • Evictions
  • Foreclosures

Our Technology

Technology plays an integral part to collections, compliance, and client relations. Velo Law’s ability to import accounts electronically and handle all phases of an account’s collection are other key advantages. Velo Law has in-house collectors and access to numerous state-of-the-art commercial data sources which allows us to locate debtors who have avoided the reach of ordinary collection efforts.

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The next step to begin accounts receivable recovery is Velo Law.

The process is simple and in just a few short minutes Velo Law can be become your third-party collector today.

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