Part 1:

The Garnishee Packet

With each Garnishment, the garnishee (employer) should receive a number of documents. These documents can often appear confusing as they are often have a number of identical pages and a significant amount of text.

  • Page 1: Address and Postage page.
    • The first page of the Garnishment Packet simply provides the mailing address of the garnishee and the postage for the certified mailing. This page can be discarded. (Link to Pg1)
  • Page 2: Coversheet.
  • Page 3: Garnishee Instructions.
  • Page 4: How To Fill Out Disclosure Form.
  • Page 5: Periodic Garnishments Summary.
  • Page 6: Garnishee Calculation Sheet.
  • Page 7-8: Writ of Garnishment.
  • Page 9-12: Garnishee Disclosure.
  • Page 13-16: Final Statement.